PRE-ORDER ✨ The Ultimate Make Template Library

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PRE-ORDER ✨ The Ultimate Make Template Library

0 ratings

Want to enjoy the power of Make, without the steep learning curve ? I got you !

Get a library of ready to use Make/Integromat templates, carefully crafted over several years, for only $39 !

During the entire pre-order period, I'm also taking suggestions, so if you'd like me to build a specific scenario, just film this form ➡️ https://tally.so/r/w44xko

Watch this video to understand how it works :

Here are some example of scenarios you can expect in the template library :

  • Automate your ads reporting with Google Ads, Facebook Ads and more
  • Creating an invoice with Notion and Google Docs
  • Creating an automated invoices with Notion and Google Docs
  • Sending Slack Messages to Notion
  • Syncing your Google Calendar with Notion
  • Creating short links in bulk with Google Sheets and bit.ly
  • Update an email an automated invoices with Notion and Google Docs 
  • Publishing posts to Instagram automatically with Bannerbear and Instagram
  • You have other ideas ? Send your suggestions here : https://tally.so/r/w44xko !

This is for you if...

  • You're a business owner and you don't have time to spend hours setting up your own Make scenarios
  • You're learning how to use Make and you want to see how to set up complex scenarios

How it works :

  1. After buying, you'll receive a drive with all the templates
  2. To use one of the templates, download the file and import it in your account
  3. Watch the video associated to each template to see you can set up the scenario and personalize it for yourself.

⚠️ You need a paid account to have the ability to copy templates.

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